Northern France

For a trip abroad for little expense the North of France is a logical place to consider, especially for those who have an interest in history and the world wars. With locations to visit such as Dunkerque which offers a bustling atmosphere and has several war memorials worth visiting, somewhere more tranquil we’d suggest a lovely village called Cassel which is a rare example of a Flemish hill settlement. St-Omer has an array of excellent war museums whilst La Coupole and Montreuil-sur-Mer are not too far and are loaded with charm and interest.
Le Mont Saint Michel is a must visit whilst in the north. Situated in Normandy this medieval town welcomes over three million people every year. Tourists and pilgrims visit this town throughout the year and the previous ancient Burgher’s Guardroom is now the Tourist office. After passing through both the Boulevard and Kings Gates you’ll come to the main street (Grande Rue) which houses the museums, shops and houses dating back to 15th and 16th centuries. You’ll eventually reach the Grande Degre or Grande Staircase leading to the Abbey church.

Luxury Hotel Accommodation in Mumbai

Many of the complaints people have about a holiday in the republic of India stems from the poor standard of accommodation.Many of the places which people will pay for accommodation won’t have quality services or even good rooms, which is okay for most people, as that’s not why they go to India in the first place. They go to see the history, to experience the vibrancy of the culture, and see how multi-cultural it is, and eat some authentic Indian meals.

This may be changing however, as more and more luxury hotels crop up every year throughout many of the population hubs in the country. Mumbai has a great selection of high quality 5-star hotels, done in the western style, with excellent services, great food, and all of the modern day amenities that western people’s come to expect when paying large sums of money for accommodation (with toilet paper!).

Trekking the River Ganges

There are lots of ways for tourists to tour throughout India and see all of the excellent attractions they have, but one of the better ways is by travelling from the mouth of the River Ganges all the way to its birth. This trip is something which has been done by Hindu pilgrims for thousands of years, as it goes past many of the temples dedicated to the numerous gods of the religion. It ends up at the birth of the Ganges on the Tibetan plateau, which is itself a holy place to the Hindu traditions.

Much of the Indian civilisation has grown around and thrived with the River Ganges, so not only will you be able to see many of the architectural accomplishments of culture, but you’ll also be able to visit many of the biggest population centres of the country as well. Touring the river is sure to be a great experience, and is an amazing way of experiencing much of what India has to offer.

See the Taj Mahal!

Throughout the world, there are some truly magnificent historical buildings which everybody should endeavour to see at least once in their lives; the Taj Mahal is one such building in the Republic of India.

The Taj Mahal is actually a Mausoleum constructed by an Emperor, Shah Jahah, who did the architectural feat of building one of the most impressive buildings ever all in the name of his third wife, Mumtaz Mahal, also taking her name and using it in the name of the building.

Shah Jahah was once the emperor of a now dead empire which existed in the Indian subcontinent. It was the biggest empire within the continent which boasted Muslim roots, hence why the architecture has some similarities to stuff built throughout the old Persian Empire. It is actually part of the Mughal architectural tradition, which takes its roots from throughout the eastern portion of the Islamic world.

In 1983, the Taj Mahal become a world heritage site, and is located in Agra, in Utar Pradesh. It is well worth the visit, and the surrounding area has lots of great things for tourists to spend their time doing.