Unusual delicacies in East Asia

Most countries have their delicacies that are traditional to local culture such as Paella in Spain, Pasta in Italy and Crepes in France, however East Asia is home to some very unusual ones that you may need to be brave (and have a strong stomach) to attempt!

  • Birds nest soup – this is quite literally a soup made from bird saliva! It’s extremely high in calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron so is considered very good for you!
  •  Turtle Jelly – this is made from ground up turtle shells and herbs and is said to have medicinal properties when eaten, but it’s VERY bitter so is often eaten with honey.
  • Inago – these are crunchy crickets and crispy grasshoppers seasoned with sugar and soy sauce, particularly popular in Japan.

And possibly one of the strangest….

  •  Fugu – this is puffer fish that is full of deadly toxins and can only be safely eaten if it is cut and prepared in a very specific way… better hope the chef is not having an ‘off’ day!!