Visiting Cambodia? The latest travel advice

The current travel advice issued by the government is that generally Cambodia is safe to travel to however as with travel to any foreign country there are a few points to make yourself aware of before your trip to ensure that everything goes smoothly during your stay.

Do not take photographs near any military bases or near any of the airports, this is strictly prohibited and can cause security issues. You should also always check before photographing any people particularly religious figures such as monks.

When visiting any of the beautiful Buddhist temples ensure that you dress appropriately and wear either a long skirt or trousers and a top with sleeves that covers you. It’s advisable to take a large scarf/wrap as well so that you can cover your hair as a sign of respect.

As with traveling anywhere you need to be aware that crime is present here and issues have been raised that when reporting a crime to the police some tourists are being charged a ‘report fee’ this should not ever carry a fee therefore if you are charged for such an event then you can email the British embassy to report this.

Choosing The Best Airline For Your Travel

Whether you are going on a family or a business trip, choosing the best airline comes handy. This is especially important to people who travel often. The number of airlines has doubled making it a daunting task for travellers to choose the best. Due to advertising hype, it is even harder to choose. Most people resolve to use the services of a travel agent to choose the best airline while others take recommendations from friends, workmates or relatives. Either way, you will get the best airline. However, there are times when you do not have the finances to hire a travel agent and no one you know can give you a recommendation. If you are travelling by plane for the first time, you need to do an in-depth research on a number of airlines to understand their services. The introduction of budget airlines made it even harder for people to choose between airlines. The budget airlines cut unnecessary luxuries from the plane such as baggage allowances and foods. Though most people can fly given the cheap travel expenses, it is important to understand that this lack of service impacts on your enjoyment in the plane. Budget airlines are advocated in business travel tips as they cut on costs for regular travellers. Continue reading

Traveling to India – Time to sample the world’s best curries

There are so many stunning things about India and one thing not to be over looked is the food. Often people think that the poor may not be hygienic or may all be too spicy but they really couldn’t be more wrong as India is home to some of the most beautiful curry dishes in the world!
Here’s some to sample during your stay-
Karahi – this is a beautiful dish that’s often served at a medium level of spicyness, it is often lamb or though can be chicken cooked in ginger, garlic, capsicum and peppers with fresh coriander. It smells and tastes divine if you’re after just a little chilli kick.
Pathia – this dish is sweet and sour with no real heat to it (perfect for those with a more delicate pallet) it’s made using mango chutney, garlic, onions and tomato so isn’t too rich but still tasty and is a great alternative to a korma style dish.
Balti Achar – this is quite an unusual dish with quite a deep complex taste cooked using coriander, methi seeds, aniseeds, mustard seeds and bay leaves so is quite hot and peppery. A great dish for those who like it hot!

Staying safe when travelling by car

Often people neglect to think about the safety issues when travelling to a destination by car. We are all aware of the need to wear a seat belt, not just for legal reasons, but that it may in fact save your life but do you consider other factors?

Tiredness is one of the biggest killers on our roads, you may think that once you start to drive you will wake up, but if you are feeling sleepy when you set off the chances are this will only get worse. Reaction times are a lot slower when you are tired so even if you are driving ok, you may find that you cannot brake in time to avoid an accident.

Taking regular 15 minute breaks and getting a coffee can be enough sometimes to recharge your batteries but if you are really tired then you need someone else to drive or find somewhere that you can sleep for a little while before commencing travelling again.

Finding a pet friendly holiday

There is a huge percentage of the population that own a dog and many of them could not bear to go on holiday with out it. If you are going abroad, this can be extremely difficult and expensive as the dog will have to be in quarantine for a number of months prior to travelling and this alone can be distressful on the animal let alone the actual travelling.

If you are holidaying in the UK and are driving to your destination then you will need to ensure you have regular breaks where you can get the dog out of the car for a short while and have a drink before returning to the road. There are some dog friendly camping sites and even hotels dotted throughout the UK. You may still have to pay an additional fee to have a dog so always make sure that you specify this when booking.

You need to consider what you will do with the dog whilst you are out. It may be that you want to go out for an evening meal where you cannot take the pet and in this case need to be sure that the dog will not start chewing the furniture or spend the whole time barking while you are away.