Choosing an Apartment – the Perfect Holiday Accommodation?

Apartments are a convenient option for people wanting a break. They have more amenities than a hotel room, making them a great option for families with children, or people wanting some privacy. They can also be a low-cost option if you book with the right website.

Here are some things to consider before booking an apartment:

  • Price compare. Check the prices across different websites to make sure you are getting the lowest price. This will help you to find the best deal.
  • Check facilities. For example, some apartments might have a full kitchen whilst others just have a fridge or microwave.
  • Look at the location. Apartments can sometimes be in more residential areas – not that this is a bad thing, it can give you a more ‘real’ flavour of the country, but it might be a little bit further from the tourist sites and destinations you would like to visit.

Finding Accommodation on the Go

Sometimes, it is easier to just go with the flow on holiday. If you don’t have time to book accommodation before you go, you may just as easily be able to book it as you travel. You will be able to have more time to make a decision and will be able to see the place you will be staying before you decide to stay.

One of the main worries is that you won’t be able to find anywhere if you leave it to the last minute. You should be able to avoid any panic – there are lots of accommodation options that won’t advertise online. Just check that there are no special events going on in you holiday destination, such as carnivals or bank holidays, as this could make it extra busy. In these circumstances, you might want to make sure you do have accommodation booked as you might struggle to find any that is free.

All inclusive accommodation

All inclusive accommodation can add that level of luxury that you may want when you go away on holiday. It can take the stress out of looking for places to eat and spending a fortune on food and drink when you are away. If you are going on an all inclusive holiday you may find you do not need nearly as much spending money as you would if you were self catering.

All inclusive holiday resorts can be ideal if you are travelling with children, as often snacks and soft drinks are all included as well as some alcoholic beverages and meals so you will not have to keep forking out for burgers and chips.

Obviously all inclusive holidays do cost more than self catering, but when you work out the saving you make on food and drink you may actually find that the whole holiday comes in at less.



Places to stay in Paris

Paris is a very popular destination for tourists due to the landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the beautiful French cafés and restaurants not to mention the hours of great shopping and places of interest to visit.

When booking a holiday in Paris you have a wide variety of places to stay at. There are some hostels or hotels that are relatively cheap to stay in if you are just looking for a place to get your head down, but if you are after something a little bit more special then why not book in to one of Paris’s top ten hotels.

The Maison Souquet Hotel in Paris is one of the favourites amongst tourists visiting the City of love.

With the average id week stay costing about £250-£300 a night, it is certainly not cheap but worth every penny. The Maison Souquet Hotel won the Travellers’ Choice Award 2016 after being voted for by hundreds of people. Decorated in beautiful artwork and showcase the finer side of Paris, there really is nowhere quite like it.


Safari tents

Camping holidays can be a great way to get away for a week or two without the expense of a hotel. Many people are put off camping holidays as they do not like the idea of living without certain luxuries but not all camping holidays have to be basic.

There are many companies that offer camping holidays where the accommodation is of a high quality. If you want to stay in a tent then you can often chose between a basic tent which has the majority of goods like cooker, fridge, freezer etc and beds or a safari tent which is set up to give you the extra comfort. Often safari tents are extremely spacious, have high head room and have beds that are just like what you have at home. No longer does staying in a tent have to be simple and uncomfortable.

With most safari tents you also get a great outdoor area to BBQ in and lounge about in the sun. The inside of the tent is designed so that each room has adequate space and there is a large communal area to eat and spend time together.