Safari tents

Camping holidays can be a great way to get away for a week or two without the expense of a hotel. Many people are put off camping holidays as they do not like the idea of living without certain luxuries but not all camping holidays have to be basic.

There are many companies that offer camping holidays where the accommodation is of a high quality. If you want to stay in a tent then you can often chose between a basic tent which has the majority of goods like cooker, fridge, freezer etc and beds or a safari tent which is set up to give you the extra comfort. Often safari tents are extremely spacious, have high head room and have beds that are just like what you have at home. No longer does staying in a tent have to be simple and uncomfortable.

With most safari tents you also get a great outdoor area to BBQ in and lounge about in the sun. The inside of the tent is designed so that each room has adequate space and there is a large communal area to eat and spend time together.