All inclusive holidays

When booking a holiday you may have several options available to you at your chosen resort. This may include self-catering, half board or all inclusive. Self-catering is when you do not have any meals or drinks included so you are paying just for the accommodation and possibly the onsite facilities. Half board usually includes breakfast and evening meal and ll inclusive holiday packages usually include breakfast, lunch, evening meal and drinks.

If you want to book a holiday where you do not have to worry about finding places to eat and drink and do not have to take much spending money with you, then all inclusive holidays are the way for you. There are some downsides to going all inclusive, such as you will have paid for your meals and drinks within the holiday price so therefore you are restricted to eating and drinking in the resort otherwise you will have to pay extra to venture further afield. Some people do not like the idea of eating at the same place every day.