Last-Minute Holidays – are They a Good Idea?

In most cases, people plan their holidays carefully, taking everything into account before finally settling on a destination. If you want to save some money or do something a little spontaneous, why not break the mould and go on a last-minute break? This can be a different and exciting way to travel and many people have now got used to taking advantage of the late deals that are available when going on holiday.

Why are last-minute trips good?

  • Price. The main lure of the late holiday deal is the money that can be saved. Resorts and airlines will be wanting to sell off what is left over, so they will be willing to really come down on the prices.
  • The surprise element. If you like to go with the flow, this could be the perfect holiday type for you. The anticipation of not knowing where you are going until the last minute is all very exciting.
  • Flexibility. You can book your holiday whenever you like, sometimes as soon as they day before you fly. This saves you booking a holiday that then becomes inconvenient for you at a later date once you have made other plans.
  • Time-saving. If you don’t want to spend weeks planning your holiday and trawling through different websites comparing hotels, book a last minute break and off you go!

Of course, last-minute holidays won’t be right for everyone, for every trip they take. If you are somebody who likes to plan, you could end up finding the whole experience rather stressful. You may also have less choice about where you go, as you have to choose from the deals that are available at the time. Often these will be package holiday deals that include flights, accommodation and food, so if this isn’t your cup of tea, a traditional holiday may be the better option for you.