Must see sites in Nambia

Natural sites in Nambia are varied, but for the wow factor we strongly suggest that you visit the Sossusvlei which is located in the Namib Desert, the Sossusvlei is a huge clay pan, protected by a crescent of large sand dunes. The desert has the Naukluft Park which is one of the largest conservation areas in Africa and the fourth in the world and despite its arid conditions a diverse range of wildlife and flora have adapted to live here. The sand dunes around this are very high, the highest being over 300 meters high and on the rare occasion that it rains the Sossusvlei fills with water and transforms into a glorious turquoise lake.
With similarities to the Grand Canyon, you will not be disappointed by visiting Fish River Canyon! The Fish River that runs through alternates from a trickle to a ranging torrent after good rains! Just like the Grand Canyon Fish River canyon was formed by the water of the river carving out the rock of the Namimian Desert. In some places it can get as deep as 550 meters, as wide as 27 kms and is said to be over 160 kms long from North to South.