Northern France

For a trip abroad for little expense the North of France is a logical place to consider, especially for those who have an interest in history and the world wars. With locations to visit such as Dunkerque which offers a bustling atmosphere and has several war memorials worth visiting, somewhere more tranquil we’d suggest a lovely village called Cassel which is a rare example of a Flemish hill settlement. St-Omer has an array of excellent war museums whilst La Coupole and Montreuil-sur-Mer are not too far and are loaded with charm and interest.
Le Mont Saint Michel is a must visit whilst in the north. Situated in Normandy this medieval town welcomes over three million people every year. Tourists and pilgrims visit this town throughout the year and the previous ancient Burgher’s Guardroom is now the Tourist office. After passing through both the Boulevard and Kings Gates you’ll come to the main street (Grande Rue) which houses the museums, shops and houses dating back to 15th and 16th centuries. You’ll eventually reach the Grande Degre or Grande Staircase leading to the Abbey church.