Save money on travel

If you are looking to travel and want to save a bit of money then I have a few handy tips for you that could give you a bit more spending money that you had planned.

You may not believe how much money you can save by travelling at different times of the year or even different times of the day. Most travel companies such as airlines, bus operators and even the accommodation provider will often slash prices on certain days or months.

When I was recently looking to go abroad from the UK to Spain, I was amazed to find out that I could save a massive £40 per person on my flights by going 3 days earlier. This meant in total I would save £160 which would be a nice bit of extra money to take with us.

Many holiday websites will show prices available if you booked your holiday a few days or a week either side of your selected dates. My advice is to check these in detail and if at all possible, book with the lowest price you can.