Traveling to India – Time to sample the world’s best curries

There are so many stunning things about India and one thing not to be over looked is the food. Often people think that the poor may not be hygienic or may all be too spicy but they really couldn’t be more wrong as India is home to some of the most beautiful curry dishes in the world!
Here’s some to sample during your stay-
Karahi – this is a beautiful dish that’s often served at a medium level of spicyness, it is often lamb or though can be chicken cooked in ginger, garlic, capsicum and peppers with fresh coriander. It smells and tastes divine if you’re after just a little chilli kick.
Pathia – this dish is sweet and sour with no real heat to it (perfect for those with a more delicate pallet) it’s made using mango chutney, garlic, onions and tomato so isn’t too rich but still tasty and is a great alternative to a korma style dish.
Balti Achar – this is quite an unusual dish with quite a deep complex taste cooked using coriander, methi seeds, aniseeds, mustard seeds and bay leaves so is quite hot and peppery. A great dish for those who like it hot!