Trekking the River Ganges

There are lots of ways for tourists to tour throughout India and see all of the excellent attractions they have, but one of the better ways is by travelling from the mouth of the River Ganges all the way to its birth. This trip is something which has been done by Hindu pilgrims for thousands of years, as it goes past many of the temples dedicated to the numerous gods of the religion. It ends up at the birth of the Ganges on the Tibetan plateau, which is itself a holy place to the Hindu traditions.

Much of the Indian civilisation has grown around and thrived with the River Ganges, so not only will you be able to see many of the architectural accomplishments of culture, but you’ll also be able to visit many of the biggest population centres of the country as well. Touring the river is sure to be a great experience, and is an amazing way of experiencing much of what India has to offer.