Trip to Amsterdam

Though Amsterdam has a bit of a reputation as the number one stag-do destination, with its “coffee” shops and seedy red light district, there is much more to the city than you might think. Known as the “Venice of the north”, being built on a maze of canals, this picturesque city is packed with world class museums, a buzzing nightlife and great architecture.

The airport is a short train ride from the city, and once there the best way to get around is by bicycle. Cycling is the most popular form of transport around the city and you will find the road system much more accommodating t cyclists than some other cities. Bicycles can be hired for a small sum, or you can make use of the excellent tram system.

The city houses some excellent art galleries and museums, with the Van Gough museum being a particular highlight. The night life is great and with plenty to do, Amsterdam is a great destination for a short break or a longer stay.