Visiting Cambodia? The latest travel advice

The current travel advice issued by the government is that generally Cambodia is safe to travel to however as with travel to any foreign country there are a few points to make yourself aware of before your trip to ensure that everything goes smoothly during your stay.

Do not take photographs near any military bases or near any of the airports, this is strictly prohibited and can cause security issues. You should also always check before photographing any people particularly religious figures such as monks.

When visiting any of the beautiful Buddhist temples ensure that you dress appropriately and wear either a long skirt or trousers and a top with sleeves that covers you. It’s advisable to take a large scarf/wrap as well so that you can cover your hair as a sign of respect.

As with traveling anywhere you need to be aware that crime is present here and issues have been raised that when reporting a crime to the police some tourists are being charged a ‘report fee’ this should not ever carry a fee therefore if you are charged for such an event then you can email the British embassy to report this.