Save money on travel

If you are looking to travel and want to save a bit of money then I have a few handy tips for you that could give you a bit more spending money that you had planned.

You may not believe how much money you can save by travelling at different times of the year or even different times of the day. Most travel companies such as airlines, bus operators and even the accommodation provider will often slash prices on certain days or months.

When I was recently looking to go abroad from the UK to Spain, I was amazed to find out that I could save a massive £40 per person on my flights by going 3 days earlier. This meant in total I would save £160 which would be a nice bit of extra money to take with us.

Many holiday websites will show prices available if you booked your holiday a few days or a week either side of your selected dates. My advice is to check these in detail and if at all possible, book with the lowest price you can.



Safari tents

Camping holidays can be a great way to get away for a week or two without the expense of a hotel. Many people are put off camping holidays as they do not like the idea of living without certain luxuries but not all camping holidays have to be basic.

There are many companies that offer camping holidays where the accommodation is of a high quality. If you want to stay in a tent then you can often chose between a basic tent which has the majority of goods like cooker, fridge, freezer etc and beds or a safari tent which is set up to give you the extra comfort. Often safari tents are extremely spacious, have high head room and have beds that are just like what you have at home. No longer does staying in a tent have to be simple and uncomfortable.

With most safari tents you also get a great outdoor area to BBQ in and lounge about in the sun. The inside of the tent is designed so that each room has adequate space and there is a large communal area to eat and spend time together.

Extreme honeymoons

Couples are now starting to look for more thrill seeking honeymoon holidays than that of a traditional honeymoon offer. Some couples realise that they would rather spend their honeymoon doing extreme activities together that they both enjoy than being on a golden beach or lazing by the pool. With many coupes spending in excess of £5000 on a honeymoon, it makes sense to do something you are both going to enjoy and make take happy memories from, after all that is what a honeymoon is all about.

Some popular activities include scuba diving, trekking, skiing and rock climbing. Although this may not give you much time to talk and may mean that much of your holiday is spent within a group rather than alone, many couples would rather spend the day doing these types of activities and spend the evening together sharing bottle of wine, recalling the events of the day.


Accommodation for families with young children or babies

If you have a young family and are looking to book accommodation for a holiday or overnight stay, then you will need to consider the sleeping arrangements. If your child is still in a cot then you will need to make sure that there is going to be one available to you within the accommodation (this may be charged for) or that you take a travel cot with you. Another point to consider is if there is room to have a travel cot up in your room as this can cause a major issue and often parents have found themselves with nowhere to sleep or having to pay to upgrade their room to a bigger suite.

Most accommodation providers are more than happy to try and help you with your arrangements and will try and provide a cot if not the bedding too.

There is also a website that you can go on that has a list of child / baby friendly accommodation all over the UK, with reviews left by other parents on their experiences when staying in said place.


Leaving reviews for holiday accommodation

Once you have stayed in accommodation you should, where possible leave reviews. Reviews are very important for people to be able to make a judgement on whether or not they wish to stay in said accommodation and can be important feedback for the accommodation owners.

When writing a review there are often a number of places you can post it. It may be that you leave a review with the accommodation provider either on their website, in person or in a review book or you can often post reviews on third party websites such as Trip Advisor.

You should always be honest and fair in your review and try to leave details of positive or negative feedback. It is equally important to leave feedback for good or bad stays to give a true reflection of the accommodation. If you encountered an issue when staying somewhere, report it first to the owners and allow them time to rectify the issue. If it was dealt with quickly and resolved then be sure to mention this in your review.